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Virtual Assist is an outsource service catering to the individual, small business owner, home office executive or student and specializes in public relations and social media marketing. Linda Buset started Virtual Assist 30 years ago under the name, All Secretarial Services. 

Virtual Assist serves clients in the New Jersey

area, primarily small and home businesses. With a degree in business administration, Linda’s past experience includes working as an assistant to the vice-president of a securities company and as an assistant to the presidents of two publishing companies.  Her true passion has always been marketing and public relations.

Linda has presented numerous seminars on virtual assisting and is a strong advocate for women’s rights. She spoke to her daughter’s Communications Department at the College of St. Elizabeth on the subject of women working in male-dominated industries. She also volunteers her time to many groups in Nutley and is in charge of publicity and social media for five separate organizations.

Outsourcing office tasks to Virtual Assist could be the best solution to maximize time.  Entrepreneurs can use a virtual assistant for everything from making vendor or customer service calls, to sending out thank-you cards to prospective clients. Virtual Assist builds trust, in the same way that a permanent employee does.

For anyone needing extra help, but does not want to hire a full-time assistant, consider Virtual Assist. Linda can help with office tasks, whether it's for a day, week, or even a few hours, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

If you want publicity through social media, no one can get it done better than Linda. In our highly-connected communities, businesses do not have a choice whether or not to engage in social media; their choice is how well they do it.  

Call Linda Buset and see how Virtual Assist can help you.

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